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The 10 Best Rum awards are reviewed by industry professionals, many of whom have been in the spirits industry for decades.

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As the rest of the world breaches further into the 21st century, us rum fans sense our go-to liquor not joining us in modernity. Unfortunately, this subset of the business, like many of its peers in the alcohol industry seem stratified to print, billboards, and other dated forms of communication. Here at 10 Best Rum & Alcohol Aficionado, we believe the industry needs to renovate and move past its antiquated roots into a centralized source for those interested in this widespread culture. It's our goal to provide dedicated drinkers of any and all alcohol a single place to find the most current industry news, awards, and information about their favorite spirits. Cheers and we'll be seeing you soon!


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Alcohol Aficionado consists of a team that includes people like master distillers, professional connoisseurs, veteran distributors and all sorts of other experts in the field of spirits and alcohol. We use these experts to create for you the 10 Best Rum rankings. We use an extremely extensive system to do this in order to weed out drinks that we know are not going to be popular, but also so that we can be sure you are getting the utmost best selection in our top 10. We also put the drinks that we list through a comprehensive evaluation and testing period. This helps to find factors that make them shine above the others. You can learn more about this Best Rum Evaluation process by visiting the rest of our site, as well as to discover types of rum that you may not have known about before, but that rank up with the best in their class.

Best Rum Brands

10 Best Rum, operated in association with Alcohol Aficionado, finds great rum brands from around the world through our in-depth review process. We generate rankings of the Best Rum Brands, including dark, gold & silver rums through data collected and the submission of registration fees. Alcohol Aficionado's alcohol awards combines technology and the very traditional experience and love of spirits.

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