About 10 Best Rum

Our Rum Connoisseur

Our judges are known as some the finest distillers, distributors and restaurateurs in the world. While we humbly proclaim this truth, in our hearts of hearts we classify ourselves as true rum connoisseurs. Within the 10 Best Rum team you find a dedicated team of rum professionals whose experience -- and passion for the spirit -- go back generations. Utilizing a pervasive, scientific approach to tasting rum not found anywhere else on the planet, our panel of judges have perfected the art and the science of superlative rum analysis. Our trained, experienced pallets, combined with our state-of-the-art, unbiased computer program, create the most complete, accurate judging system that allows us to offer our highly trusted and widely respected Best Rum Brands.


Our Team

Creating Experiences

Sommeliers & Restaurateurs

Sommeliers as well as restaurateurs at 10 Best Rum represent many popular establishments in the United States. Some prominent members are Michelin Star recipients while others work with critically acclaimed locations that consistently receive high ratings.

Crafting Flavors

Worldwide Master Distillers

Award winning distillers are included as judges at 10 Best Rum. Their extensive knowledge of the industry gives each one an ability to discern which liquids meet increasingly high standards of quality.

Tending Bar

Award-Winning Mixologists

The mixologists at 10 Best Rum learned their trade by serving customers at the finest clubs and bars on 6 different continents. They seek to please with their attentive service as well as their entertaining abilities, which is why they have earned several awards and have been featured in many trade publications.


The bar tenders working with Alcohol Aficionado know great brands and know how each should be served!

Spreading the Word

Brand Developers & Online Marketers

The experts at 10 Best Rum understand what is needed to turn a perfectly crafted drink into an attractive product that can be displayed with pride. It takes the collective effort of marketing and advertising specialists that have the abilities to attract target customers in the modern alcoholic beverage market.

10 Best Rum, operated in association with Alcohol Aficionado, finds great rum brands from around the world through our in-depth review process. We generate rankings of the Best Rum Brands, including dark, gold & silver rums through data collected and the submission of registration fees. Alcohol Aficionado's alcohol awards combines technology and the very traditional experience and love of spirits.

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