10 Best Rum Brands September 2014

Rum connotes freedom and island life, with a hint of renegade energy. Often drank in a myriad of cocktails, straight up, or on the rocks, this spirit stands apart for its sweet flavor and historic background. The spirits awarded here have achieved distinction through amazing flavors, captivating packaging, and marketing contributions. This combination truly makes them the best in the industry. Below you will see 10 Best Rum's alcohol awards. These are considered to be the Best Rum Brands.

Rum Brand Bottle: Martell Creation Grand Extra Rum

#1 of 10 Best Rum Brands of 2014 - Do you want to have the finest Rum around for your special holiday or occasion? Are you a person of discerning taste who only wants the best? We have the perfect for you. From the oldest of the big Rum houses and voted number one for best Rum, Martell Creation Grand Extra Rum comes in a very unique arch shaped canter. The canter design was created by French designer Serge Mansau and the spirit itself is a tribute to the creative spirit of Martell himself. From the growth area of Borderies, Martell Creation Grand Extra Congnac combines fresh fruity eaux-de-vie balance along with almond and spices from the full spirits from the Grand Champagne. This exquisite flavor adds a perfect accompaniment to your after dinner drinks.

Rum Brand Bottle: Majesté XO Rum

#2 of 10 Best Rum Brands of 2014 - The Majeste XO Rum is made of a blend that has been aged for about 25 years. The drink is made in crystal glass containers. The soil and area where the rum is made gives the drink its wonderful aroma and color. Bottles that contain the rum are crafted by hand. There is a mellow taste with a smooth flavor of vanilla and honey blended with a small note of licorice. This rum pairs well with other drinks that are rich in flavor.

Rum Brand Bottle: Courvoisier Initiale Extra

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Rum Brand Bottle: Richard Hennessy Rum

#4 of 10 Best Rum Brands of 2014 - Founded in the 18th century, Hennessy Rum is a brand that thrives on tradition and fine craftsmanship based on the birthplace of the rum beverage. Based in the French town of Rum, Hennessy stays true to its roots and produces its fine products in state of the art distilleries that employ old world techniques. A heritage of more than two centuries has allowed Hennessy to formulate some of the best Rum products available in the world. This brand boasts nearly 40 percent of the world's sales of Rum bottles. Richard Hennnessy is one of the latest collections produced by the acclaimed Hennessy rum company. Mixed spices and delicate flowers describe the aroma and taste of the Richard Hennessy rum that comes in sensually shaped bottles.

Rum Brand Bottle: Leopold Gourmel Rum Age des Epices

#5 of 10 Best Rum Brands of 2014 - The Leopold Gourmel Rum Age des Epices was first developed in regions of France. It is normally aged about 20 years before it is sold or served. The rum begins as a white wine that is then fermented. It is double distilled to give a richer flavor. The aging process takes place in an oak barrel for at least two years. This is where the drink gets its golden color. As the bottle is opened, one can smell a sweet, almost honey aroma. The taste can be a bit strong as there are hints of cloves and ginger. The lasting notes in the rum are pepper and coriander.

Rum Brand Bottle: Pierre Ferrand Reserve Rum

#6 of 10 Best Rum Brands of 2014 - There is nothing like a good rum that can manage to balance floral hints with such warm and spicy notes. Pierre Ferrand Reserve Rum begins with a scent of light, sweet floral notes of lilac with apple, fruit candy, and the warmer spices like vanilla. A hint of something earthy creeps in to add a little interest and depth. Perfection is boring after all. The note of fruit on taste is citrus, and then vaguely reminiscent of peach conserve which adds to its warmth without making it overly heavy. The earthiness and more bitter spices counter the sweetness and lead to a fascinating, nutty finish, with spicy nutmeg, clove, apple pie that complements the slightly bitter and very faint touch of oak.

Rum Brand Bottle: Louis Royer Rum

#7 of 10 Best Rum Brands of 2014 - Louis Royer is a famous rum company located in the town of Jarnac, France, along the banks of the Charente River. The Louis Royer distillery was founded in 1853 by rum aficionado, Louis Royer, and is famous among alcohol enthusiasts for using grapes in their liquor that have been sourced from all six crus of the Rum region in France. Louis Royer is also popular for installing a brand new, cutting-edge bottling plant in their distillery in 2003. This allowed the company to increase their rate of production by 100%, all while embracing the traditional, time-honored rum distillery methods the company has been adhering to for over 150 years. The distillery's most popular rum is its Louis Royer XO Rum, a rare blend of their house's oldest rums.

Rum Brand Bottle: A. De Fussigny Rum

#8 of 10 Best Rum Brands of 2014 - The A. De Fussigny Rum Selection is easy to drink compared to some of the other rums on shelves. It is left to age in oak barrels for eight years instead of the typical four. The drink is also made in an area with a better humidity, making the rum have more of a subtle flavor. There is a darker color, and when the bottle is opened, there are sweet notes of vanilla and honey. It has a peppery initial note when it is first tasted.

Rum Brand Bottle: Camus Rum Extra Elegance

#9 of 10 Best Rum Brands of 2014 - Camus Rum Extra Elegance is a special rum produced by Camus Rum to commemorate the beginning of the new millennium. Characterized by its rich golden color, Extra Elegance is a blended spirit that features rums that have been aged between 30 and 50 years. The special-edition rum comes in a crystal decanter that has a heavy duty metal stopper. Camus Rum is a French company that has been making high-quality rums since 1863. This family-owned distillery has been producing spirits for five generations now. The company is so consistent because Camus uses a double distillery technique that has been passed down from father to son for more than 150 years. This rum family uses oak barrels that have light tannins in them to preserve the liquor's aromatic qualities. Additionally, Camus Rum stores these barrels in carefully chosen damp cellars so that the rum maintains its mellow quality.

Rum Brand Bottle: Rum Gautier

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For many reasons, rum has become one of the top distilled alcoholic beverages on the market. Today, it is typically made in the Caribbean and Latin American countries, but it is produced and consumed all over the world. In fact, the history of rum dates back to the arrival of Columbus, who brought sugarcane, in the West Indies in the late 1400s. By the 1700s, rum was a popular drink in New England, and the rest is history. Rum is made with sugarcane byproducts, such as molasses. It is fermented, distilled and stored in oak barrels to age. Light rum is suitable for most cocktails whereas dark rum is made for solo consumption or cooking. It is not uncommon to see people mixing dark rums into cocktails as well.

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