10 Best Rum Brands March 2015

There are many different brands of Rum available in the market today. How to choose the right rum for your taste can be difficult but there are ways to know what to pick. To find the best rum brand, you could look at the list of the 10 Best Rum's. They have put together a team of experts in order to analyze the different rums and come up with the top brands. Each rum is chosen for its unique taste and you will find that if you choose your rum from this list, you will not be disappointed with it. Ranking order is based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative variables, including the payment of monthly listing fees to be in our directory. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Leading Rum Label Logo: Ron Zacapa Rum
#1 of 10 Top Rum Labels

Ron Zacapa Rum

Zacapa, Guatemala

#1 of 10 Best Rum Labels of 2015 - For an award-winning rum brand that offers a range for connoisseurs, reach for Ron Zacapa Rum. Distilled in Guatemala, Ron Zacapa's range includes a rum blend that contains rums aged a minimum of six years and up to 23 years. To drink a rum from a brand that is no "Johnny Come Lately", pick a Ron Zacapa Rum. This distiller was founded in 1876 and is still going strong today. Drink it responsibly for an incredible spirit-enjoyment experience.

 Best Rum Label Logo: Motu Rum
#2 of 10 Leading Rum Labels

Motu Rum

Ponce, Puerto Rico

#2 of 10 Top Rum Labels of 2015 - Lovers of rum, be sure not to miss Motu Rum. This rum with Polynesian word for "island" in its name is made by people who love and honor their South Pacific roots. Enjoying a spirit responsibly should make you feel like royalty. Motu's rums have been served to kings and queens, including King George Tupou V when Tonga was still a kingdom. Reach for a rum that may be new to you but has long been on the lips of people with a taste for the finer things. Reach for Motu.

 Best Rum Label Logo: Maximo Extra Anejo Rum
#3 of 10 Leading Rum Labels

Maximo Extra Anejo Rum

Santa Cruz del Norte, Cuba

#3 of 10 Best Rum Labels of 2015 - Maximo Extra Anejo Rum is one that is hand crafted. It comes in a tall, slender bottle with a silver stopper on top. The rum has a rich amber color because of the length of time that it has been aged. When you smell the rum, there are strong notes of oak as well as delicate scents of pear and coconut. The drink leaves a warm feeling when it’s consumed. There are flavor notes of chocolate and vanilla in the rum as well as a gentle spiciness.

 Leading Rum Label Logo: Vizcaya Rum
#4 of 10 Leading Rum Labels

Vizcaya Rum

Vizcaya, Dominican Republic

#4 of 10 Best Rum Labels of 2015 - Vizcaya Rum is a drink that comes in a bottle with an antique appearance. It also has a cork on the top, trapping the flavors inside the bottle. This rum was made in Cuba at one time. The color is of a soft amber. When you smell the rum, there are noticeable hints of fruits that are slightly over ripened. It does have a prominent smell of apples. The rum is gentle on the taste while leaving a slight burning sensation that is similar to cinnamon.

 Best Rum Label Logo: DonQ Gran Anejo Rum
#5 of 10 Best Rum Labels

DonQ Gran Anejo Rum

Ponce, Puerto Rico

#5 of 10 Leading Rum Labels of 2015 - DonQ Gran Anejo Rum is from Puerto Rico. The color of the rum can be compared to straw as it has a gold tint. There are longer legs in the rum that can be seen when swirling. This is a rum that has scents that aren’t as floral as some other drinks. There are notes of tobacco and leather when you initially smell the rum. However, when you taste the beverage, you will notice various fruit flavors that almost resemble those that you would find in a fruit cake. It has a clean taste that is gentle as there are notes of vanilla and toasted nuts.

 Best Rum Label Logo: Cruzan Single Barrel Rum
#6 of 10 Top Rum Labels

Cruzan Single Barrel Rum

St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

#6 of 10 Best Rum Labels of 2015 - Cruzan Single Barrel Rum has been distilled in column stills, sometimes as long as 12 years. After the rum is distilled, it sits in a newer barrel for about a year before it’s poured into the bottle. The rum has a golden color and comes in a slender bottle. This is a dry rum with a pronounced oak flavor and scent. There is also a hint of tropical fruits in the rum. One of the ways to enjoy the full flavor of the rum is with an ice cube or two as it helps to mellow the flavor.

 Leading Rum Label Logo: Ron Barceló Rum
#7 of 10 Best Rum Labels

Ron Barceló Rum

San Pedro de Macorós, Dominican Republic

#7 of 10 Best Rum Labels of 2015 - Ron Barceló Rum is a beverage that has a golden color, resembling straw. It is aged in bourbon casks, and the distillation process takes about eight years. There are tendrils in the beverage when you look in the bottle. The first notes that you will taste are of spices and apples. There are underlying notes of pears and nutmeg as well as almonds. This is a complex drink that is best consumed without any other beverages.

 Best Rum Label Logo: Rogue Dark Rum
#8 of 10 Best Rum Labels

Rogue Dark Rum

Independence, Oregon

#8 of 10 Top Rum Labels of 2015 - Although this rum has a light color, it has a strong flavor that also has stronger scents than some other rums. The bottle has a lid that screws in place. It is made of 100% cane sugar, giving it a sweet taste. There are scents of brown sugar and toffee, and these flavors are also prominent when tasting. There are distinct flavors and smells of roasted nuts and oak. This rum has an 80 proof by alcohol volume.

 Top Rum Label Logo: Kinkynero Dark Rum
#9 of 10 Best Rum Labels

Kinkynero Dark Rum

Sydney, Australia

#9 of 10 Best Rum Labels of 2015 - Kinkynero Dark Rum comes from Trinidad. It is a dark rum but not as dark as some of the others that you might see in the same line. The reason it’s called a dark rum is because it has been sitting in barrels for longer periods of time. This rum has a rich flavor that is smooth. There are slight scents of vanilla on smelling the rum. When you taste the beverage, you will notice hints of chocolate and raisins.

 Best Rum Label Logo: Santa Teresa Selecto Rum
#10 of 10 Leading Rum Labels

Santa Teresa Selecto Rum

Santa Teresa, Venezuela

#10 of 10 Top Rum Labels of 2015 - Santa Teresa Selecto Rum is one that has an 80 proof. It has been blended anywhere from three to 10 years. The rum has an amber color with various notes of flavors. It is ideal for those who are looking for a drink to enjoy by itself. Upon smelling the rum, you will notice hints of vanilla. After sipping, there are sweet notes of molasses with slight hints of vanilla blended in for a smooth taste.

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