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#2 Best Rum Brand: Motu

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Let the spirits of the Tongan Kingdom revive you when you drink the second best brand of rum, Motu. The dark rum is smooth and delightful. Just sit back, relax and enjoy the ocean breeze. Surely you will feel like you are front row and center at the ocean once you drink Motu Rum. You can drink it as is and taste the full richness of it all. Motu Rum leaves a wonderful tart but sweet taste in your mouth making you want more. Unlike the other alcoholic beverages, Motu Rum mixes so well with other drinks. You will be serving up wonderful arrangements of tropical fruity drinks. Either way, Motu Rum will leave you happy and relaxed so you can enjoy the great wonders of life.

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Motu has been ranked #2 of the Top Rum Brands with an overall score of 95% for outstanding marks in all categories. 10 Best Rum has chosen Motu for this position through use of an algorithmic program which analyzes each of our experts’ opinions of Motu.

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