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#1 Best Rum Brand: Ron Zacapa

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A traditional dark rum, Ron Zacapa is simultaneously complex, simple and everything a rum should be. Aged at 7544 feet above sea level at cool temperatures in Guatemala's highlands near the Pacific coast, it is distilled using sugar cane grown in the country's rich volcanic soil. The spirit's smooth flavor is thanks to its sweet, first press sugar cane honey and expert craftsmanship. Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 has a rich, caramel color with aromas of spice and fruity undertones. The sweetness and smooth yet viscous texture of this 80-proof rum make it perfect for slowly sipping on its own, no mixer required. Enjoy it after dinner as a stand-alone cocktail.

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Ron Zacapa has been ranked #1 of the Top Rum Brands with an overall score of 96% for outstanding marks in all categories. 10 Best Rum has chosen Ron Zacapa for this position through use of an algorithmic program which analyzes each of our experts’ opinions of Ron Zacapa.

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