10 Best Gold Rum Brands June 2015

Having a list of the 10 Best Gold Rum Brands is the best way for you to decide on the rum you would like to purchase. The top gold rum brand on the list may be your first choice, however, the list will provide you with information to make your buying choice easy and to your specific needs. No matter your personal taste, one of the Gold Rum Brands on the list will suit you. Experts have carefully chosen the rums on the list and have analyzed it thoroughly. These experts have been in the rum industry for many years. Ranking order is based on a wide range of qualitative and quantitative variables, including the payment of monthly listing fees to be in our directory. Learn more about our ranking process here.

 Best Gold Rum Label Logo: Atlantico Reserva

#1 of 10 Best Gold Rum Labels of 2015 - Atlantico Reserva uses a Solera style rum that is created by taking rare rums and using a master crafter to mix them to achieve the exact flavor and smoothness that they are known to produce. Their rums are made with pure sugarcane juice or the molasses made from the sugarcane that comes from the Dominican Republic. Consumers notice that there are hints of tropical fruits along with a light oak flavor in the Reserva blend. Every bottle is filled by hand through the complex Solera process of drawing out of the oldest barrels first before blending to the right consistency, taste, and aroma.

 Best Gold Rum Label Logo: Gosling's Gold Bermuda Rum

#2 of 10 Leading Gold Rum Labels of 2015 - Gosling's Gold Bermuda Rum has a main ingredient of molasses. The importer is a company in Kentucky. The rum has been aged for five years in pot or column stills. With an appearance of light gold, the rum has a sweet taste that is similar to caramel. There are also notes of fruits and spices. It has a finish that is light with a hint of oak. The rum comes in a clear glass with a red topper.

 Leading Gold Rum Label Logo: Bacardi Gold Rum

#3 of 10 Leading Gold Rum Labels of 2015 - Bacardi Gold Rum is a drink that is made in Puerto Rico. It has a beautiful gold color and comes in a tall slender bottle. The drink is aged in oak barrels for a longer period of time so that the rum absorbs the hues from the wood. This is a drink that has a mellow flavor and isn't as rich as the darker rums. There are notes of vanilla when smelling the rum and flavor notes of spices, walnuts and fruits.

 Best Gold Rum Label Logo: Ron Barcelo Anejo Fine Dominican Rum

#4 of 10 Leading Gold Rum Labels of 2015 - Ron Barcelo Anejo Fine Dominican Rum is an 80 proof rum with a deep amber color. The company that makes the rum was founded in 1929. It is made in the Caribbean with the freshest ingredients on the island. The rum is distilled in oak barrels to give the beautiful colors. There are hints of brown sugar as it's made with sugar cane. Other scents include bananas and vanilla. When tasting the rum, there are sweet notes of caramel and molasses.

 Leading Gold Rum Label Logo: Cruzan Single Barrel Rum
#5 of 10 Best Gold Rum Labels

Cruzan Single Barrel Rum

St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands

#5 of 10 Leading Gold Rum Labels of 2015 - Cruzan Single Barrel Rum is produced in the Virgin Islands. It has been distilled five times before being bottled. The main ingredient is molasses, giving the drink a sweet flavor. There is a dark color to the rum. The sweetness of the drink is evident when smelling. There are notes of caramel, cinnamon and allspice that blend together. When tasting the rum, there are notes of citrus and dried fruits with a finish of vanilla. There is a slight spice to the rum, giving a tingling feeling on the palate.

 Best Gold Rum Label Logo: Don Q Gold Rum

#6 of 10 Best Gold Rum Labels of 2015 - Don Q Gold Rum is an award winning rum that is given the title of Best Gold Rum Brand. The Gold Rum is made from quality sugarcane molasses that is mixed with water from the Inabón River. It is then combined with a specific yeast strain that the family has kept going for more than 75 years. Once the yeast has turned the liquid into a mash, it is put through five distillation processes to give it a unique flavor. It is then aged in charred American Oak casks for a year before being filtered and infused with mint and then bottled for sale.

 Leading Gold Rum Label Logo: El Dorado 5

#7 of 10 Top Gold Rum Labels of 2015 - El Dorado 5 is a product of Guyana. It is imported by Florida. The rum has an appearance similar to the color of straw. There is a thin coating on the glass after swirling with legs that form after the drink sits. Many of the notes are fruity, such as figs and plums. There are also hints of leather and oak. When tasting the rum, there are notes of spices that include cinnamon and nutmeg with a combination of pineapple. This is a rather complex beverage with a warm finish.

 Best Gold Rum Label Logo: JM Rhum Gold Rum

#8 of 10 Leading Gold Rum Labels of 2015 - Having been aged in natural fashion for a full year within re-charred barrels of Bourbon helps JM Rhum Gold Rum achieve that glorious color, with the subsequent aromas and tastes something to behold for all who partake of it. The sugarcane that makes up the flavor of every rum is in full evidence here and coupled with the tingling sensations that evoke gingerbread, make for a delicious offering that begs for one more sip. What's different is that sugarcane juice is what gives this gold rum an alluring quality to it. All but five percent of the rums made prefer molasses in their recipe, but this willingness to establish itself as an elite brand is something that JM Rhum delivers on when all is said and done Cinnamon is clearly evident in both the aroma and taste, with a banana sweetness to it that almost makes for a bubblegum feel.

 Leading Gold Rum Label Logo: Stolen Dark Rum

#9 of 10 Best Gold Rum Labels of 2015 - Stolen rum was founded by a man named Jamie Duff in Auckland, New Zealand in 2010. Formerly, Duff was a lawyer, but he left the profession in order to develop high quality rums. He felt that the current market was lacking. One rum he created is Stolen Dark Rum. It is distilled in the Caribbean and is a full-bodied rum. It is a clean and light rum, and it gets these qualities from being column stilled. Stolen Dark is a rum that reflects Duff's philosophy of not being constrained by society in either developing a product or living life.

 Best Gold Rum Label Logo: Tortuga Gold Rum

#10 of 10 Best Gold Rum Labels of 2015 - Tortuga Gold Rum has an appearance of a sweet tea with a bit of lemon. It is aged in a barrel for about five years before it's bottled so that it gets the hues from the oak. The rum is produced in the Cayman Islands and imported by California. There are hints of vanilla and honey when smelling the rum. Sweet flavors are brought out when tasting the beverage. There is a light finish to the drink.

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