10 Best Silver Rum Brands June 2015

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 Best Silver Rum Brand Logo: Atlantico Rum

#1 of 10 Best Silver Rum Brands of 2015 - Atlantico Rum is made from local ingredients like sugar cane juice, molasses, and malta. Their master blender takes the specific blends that he deems are ready to be made into rum and creates his idea of the perfect rum blend for sale. Once blended, the rum is aged even further in vintage oak casks to deepen and mellow the taste and smoothness of Atlantico Rum. Atlantico uses the solera aging process where older barrels of rum are put on the bottom of a stack of barrels with younger barrels on top. The rum is then chosen for bottling by the master crafter.

 Top Silver Rum Brand Logo: Rhum Barbancourt

#2 of 10 Best Silver Rum Brands of 2015 - Rhum Barbancourt is one that has a rich amber color. It has been aged for eight years in oak barrels. A double distillation process is used to give intense flavors. Sweet scents of fruits are detected when smelling, leading to delectable notes on the palate. Scents of apricot, peach and bananas are evident as well as hints of vanilla. There are also aromas of chocolate. When drinking, you will notice the chocolate flavor that blends well with the fruit. There are tropical notes that linger on the palate.

 Best Silver Rum Brand Logo: Spirit of Texas Straight

#3 of 10 Leading Silver Rum Brands of 2015 - Spirit of Texas Straight rum is made from molasses. There are hints of pecans when tasting. The company that makes the rum was founded by three men in 2010. After the rum is made, it is filtered so that it has the clear color. There are aroma notes of butterscotch and orange. When tasting the rum, you can detect a syrup consistency. The orange in the beverage stands out when drinking. This rum lacks a warming finish.

 Top Silver Rum Brand Logo: Blue Chair Bay White

#4 of 10 Leading Silver Rum Brands of 2015 - Distilled from aged oak casks situated near the Carribean shore, Blue Chair Bay White Rum offers a tantalizing experience to those looking to enjoy a relaxing 80 proof drink that melts away any concerns or troubles you might be having. That's evident when spices like cinnamon and exotic fruits like guava and papaya converge, while a cascade of vanilla works in concert with the toasted oak that makes this drink so great. That tropical touch mixes well with the pastry-like flavor, with the finish providing a smooth coda with a dash of spice that packs one final and potent punch.

 Leading Silver Rum Brand Logo: Appleton White Jamaican Rum

#5 of 10 Top Silver Rum Brands of 2015 - The tropical flavors of the islands are brought out in the Appleton White Jamaican Rum. This beverage is a blend of rums that have been distilled in copper pots or column stills. The rum has a clear appearance with no legs that develop when swirling. There is a sweet aroma of bananas, vanilla and citrus. The citrus comes through when tasting with the vanilla and a hint of coconut as finishing flavors. Toffee and licorice are also present when tasting.

 Best Silver Rum Brand Logo: Barcelo Gran Platinum

#6 of 10 Best Silver Rum Brands of 2015 - Barcelo Gran Platinum is a clear drink that comes in a small bottle with a blue topper. It is produced in the United Kingdom. The rum has been aged for at least six years. Since the rum has been aged for a shorter time to give it a clear appearance, it has a taste that is similar to vodka as it doesn't absorb as many of the flavors from the barrel. This is a drink that is made from sugar cane. There are scents of citrus and a hint of vanilla along with flavors of dried fruits and oranges.

 Best Silver Rum Brand Logo: Charbay Alambic Clear Rum

#7 of 10 Best Silver Rum Brands of 2015 - Charbay Alambic Clear Rum is made by a company that has been in business for decades. They are located in the Napa Valley, in the middle of wine country. They use premium products for their rum like rare Tahitian vanilla beans and pure Hawaiian sugar cane. They distill the rum three times to ensure that all the impurities are filtered out of the product before bottling. No colors or flavors are ever added to their spirits to provide connoisseurs with the purest rum on the market. The best thing about Charbay Alambic Clear Rum is that no two batches are exactly alike.

 Best Silver Rum Brand Logo: Don Q Cristal Rum

#8 of 10 Best Silver Rum Brands of 2015 - Don Q Cristal Rum is a product of Puerto Rico and is imported by Texas. This is a clear rum as it hasn't been aged as long in oak barrels to get the golden color. There are sweet notes when smelling the rum. Molasses is prominent as well as cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice. Since there are several spices used, there is a warming sensation on the palate, but it blends well with the sweetness of the molasses.

 Best Silver Rum Brand Logo: Bacardi silver

#9 of 10 Top Silver Rum Brands of 2015 - Bacardi brings bold brilliance by the bottle. They have ushered in an era of true rum refinement, and their silver blends enable the finest mixing talents on Earth! These Cuban crafts create a comfortable ambiance in any setting. Their crispness results from a concoction of fresh Caribbean ingredients. Every sip is stunningly smooth and simplistically sensual. You can enjoy Bacardi Silver in a variety of ways. It is always profoundly tasty on the rocks, but its true prowess comes out in cocktails. A tropical vibe is imbued within these enchanting elixirs, and their flavorful finesse will transport your palate to an island vacation!

 Top Silver Rum Brand Logo: Botran Reserva Blanca

#10 of 10 Leading Silver Rum Brands of 2015 - Botran Reserva Blanca is a rum that is produced in Guatemala. It is clear in color and comes in a tall bottle with a silver topper. The rum is aged in a bourbon cask. After the rum is made, it is filtered with charcoal to remove as many of the impurities as possible. This is a dry rum with notes of dried fruits and oak. It's not a sweet beverage as there is little to no sugar added.

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